Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Guest Bathroom Makeover!

Woohoo for summer! I have only been out of school for less than a month and I have already accomplished SO much! My first project was to give Kennedy's bathroom a fun little makeover! I spent a few hours one rainy afternoon painting and changing out the mirror and cabinet hardware. I only use Valspar Reserve paint from Lowes, which goes on in ONE coat and dries incredibly fast. I was able to hang all of my stuff only an hour or so after painting.

While I genuinely liked our guest bathroom to begin with, I was ready for something new and a little more girly. My daughter will be potty training soon enough and I wanted to redo our bathroom in something Kennedy could grow into, but that didn't look too childish for when we have company over.

Here's a "before" photo, like I said, not bad!
 Neutral tan paint, builder grade mirror, eh. I loved the shower curtain but I've had it for far too long.

Fresh gray paint and a new shower curtain and art liven up this tiny bathroom! Excuse the giant trash can, we cloth diaper and this is our pail. I suppose I should have removed it for the photo op! Oopsie!

I changed out the mirror with a cute vintage-inspired round one from Homegoods!

One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby is the awesome sales! These distressed butterfly knobs were half off, so they only cost me a total of $7 for both of them!

I am completely in love with this wooden wall art from Pottery Barn. I'm a big fan of anything rustic so this kind of flows with the rest of our house while still being girly and fun for Kennedy.

Pictures don't really do this curtain justice. It is so pretty in person and not too babyish at all. 
I think Kennedy will really grow into this bathroom nicely! 

Wall paint: "Polished Silver" by Valspar. Get the Reserve paint and you will never regret it! It goes on so smooth and you only need ONE coat. Plus I had enough in a gallon to do this bathroom AND our guest room and I still have enough to our master bathroom later on!
Shower Curtain: Pottery Barn Kids
Wall Art: Pottery Barn Kids
Round Mirror: Homegoods/TJMaxx
Butterfly Knobs: Hobby Lobby
White Accent Shelf: Target
White Towel Hook: Target
Bath rug: Marshall's

With Love,
Meghan XoXo

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Very Minnie Birthday!

It has been a YEAR since my last post. One. Whole. Year. And let me just start by saying that a lot has changed! My little newborn baby is now a crazy 15 month old, and we purchased our very own home in August. Oh and to top it all off, I've switched careers and am now pursuing a career in teaching! To say the least it has been one hectic year, but beautiful year.

So in honor of getting back on the bloggin' bandwagon, I'm posting my most favorite shots of Kennedy's 1st birthday party! We did a black, pink, and gold Minnie Mouse theme, and most of the decorations were DIY or part of a printable kit I purchased off of Etsy.

That smile. Those little feets. I may be bias, but she is just too stinkin' cute for words.

Sorry ladies but I think Thomas wins for Husband/Father of the year award. 
He rocked the matching glitter shirt and Mickey ears without complaint!

I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into the dessert table. 
Okay maybe not blood... but I live in Florida, so there was definitely sweat!

Note to self: For baby #2, a mini wedding cake probably won't be necessary! 
But hey, we always go overboard for the first born, right?

These Oreo cupcakes were not only cute but also delicious! I found the idea for them off of Pinterest and found an awesome local baker who recreated them even better than I had hoped.

Another Pinterest recreation. These were a HUGE hit!

Made this beautiful Mickey Mouse inspired decoration using a floral pomander ball and two Styrofoam balls that I spray painted gold and then sprinkled on gold glitter.

Since the highchair was going under the mantle, the decor needed to really pop! I got lucky finding these huge letters to spell out "ONE" at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! I wrapped the mirror on the wall in wrapping paper to make sure everything matched. I've told you before I am very detail oriented!

The Spread!

Goofy's Fruity Dip: Strawberry marshmallow fluff mixed with cream cheese. 
Let's just say it's basically crack that you eat with fruit!

Mickey Sandwiches: The original plan was to use my cool Mickey Mouse food cutter and shape all of the bread and toppings into Mickey Mouse heads. Well, the cutter would barely cut through a slice of bread, so that cool Pinterest idea when out the window!

Chip N' Dale's Chips & Dip: No party is complete with my favorite and super easy cheese dip! You just combine one can of Rotel with a package of Velveeta cheese and serve warm.

Pretty paper party supplies are even prettier when you stick 'em next to fresh flowers!

Painted vintage highchair? Check! 
DIY scrap fabric banner? Check! 
Cake bigger than baby's head? Check!

"Maybe I'll just poke at it..."

Matching "Daddy" and "Mama" Mickey Mouse Inspired Shirts: Beecutsominc via Etsy
Kennedy's Personalized 1st Birthday Shirt: Everafterfairytales via Etsy
Kennedy's Princess Ears: Littletreasure4u via Etsy
Mom's Minnie Ears: Phantommanorboutique via Etsy
Daddy's Mickey Ears: Local party supply shop
Gold Dessert Stands: Homegoods/TJMaxx
1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Inspired Candle: Adohreeables via Etsy
Party Printables: Labellestudio via Etsy
Cake/Cupcakes/Cake Pops: C.R. Sweets
Photography: Debra Maki Photography

DIY Projects:
Painted high chair
Scrap fabric banner
Floral Minnie Mouse decor
12 month photo banner

With Love,
Meghan XoXo

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Shabby Chic Baby Dedication

Today was Kennedy Grace's dedication! I've been planning for it pretty much since the moment she was born and everything turned out better than I had hoped. We had a beautiful ceremony at the church and a lovely reception at our house, which was the first party we've ever thrown here! I MAY have over did it, just a tad, but nothing's too good for my baby girl! :)

The Drink Station
Remember the Craigslist hutch? Well usually it's decorated with all of my favorite kitchen decor but I decided to turn it into a drink station for the party. I stocked the bottom shelf with pint mason jars for people to use as drink glasses. I found chalkboard labels from Hobby Lobby and put them on all the jars so everyone would know who's drink was who's. I decorated the rest of the shelves with some items from the nursery to make it extra special.

Strawberry & Mint Flavored Water
I really love using drink dispensers for parties but I wanted something a little different as opposed to plain water or lemonade.  After searching Pinterest for some fun ideas I found a recipe for the strawberry and mint water. All you need are some strawberries cut in half, we probably used 8 or 9 large ones, basically one container. Then you add fresh mint leaves which can be found in the produce section of most grocery stores. It's such a light flavor but it's wonderful and not too overpowering at all.

Personalized Art Print
I'm a huge fan of Etsy and I was so thrilled when I found this print! I loved the sweet poem and how it incorporated her name throughout the words. It was meant to be since the creator had it shown in the exact same colors as the party theme! Here's a link to the original print: Etsy

"Kisses" From Kennedy
Instead of doing a bunch of favors, I purchased these cute Hershey's Kisses labels from!

Mantel Decor
You guys know how much I LOVE decorating my mantel, so it's no surprise that I had my mantel decor all planned out for the party! I've been looking for an old window pane FOREVER and I finally found one through a local resale page on Facebook. It was already painted pink so it made the perfect focal point. I made the burlap banner myself back when we announced Kennedy's gender and name at her Gender Reveal Party. I think I'll replace the banner with an Easter one and my spring mantel decor is already done now too!

The Cake Display
I'm a huge fan of the ombre look and the girl at the Publix bakery did a great job on Kennedy's cake! Not only did it look cute but it was also delicious! And of course the DIY tutu wreath I made was a nice backdrop!

Now that the party is over it's time for a little backyard R&R!

With Love,
Meghan XoXo

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dedication DIY's

Baby Kennedy's dedication is coming up and I couldn't be anymore excited! After the ceremony at the church we are having all of our family and friends over for a little "after party" and this will be the first party at our house! So that's TWO pretty big things to be excited for! :) So far the planning is coming together quite nicely so I thought I'd share some of my party projects today!

Personalized Invitation
I ordered the invitations for the party from Shutterfly and matched the party theme to the pink and gray invites. I'm a huge fan of Shutterfly, and even though an invitation is a little more costly than if you purchased a pack from the store, it's so worth it for such a memorable occasion. Plus they always have great coupons and sales, so it's not totally breaking the bank! All I had to do was upload my pictures and information. I made my husband write the Psalm verse on my belly while I was pregnant with black eyeliner! Then the two pictures of Kennedy I took myself. Do you have any idea how hard it was to write on the bottom of her foot without her moving!

DIY Tutu Wreath Decor

Our home has what you would call an "open floor plan", which works really well for parties because everything is in the same room! I've decided to setup the room in "stations", making one area for the drinks, one for desserts, etc. In our kitchen we have a small baker's cart that will be the perfect place to display the cake. On the wall directly behind it is a green wreath, shown here. Since the theme of the party is pink and gray, green is just NOT going to work! So I decided to create a fun tutu wreath to put up instead. 

I purchased all my supplies from Hobby Lobby except for the pink craft paint that I already had. I only used half of each spool of tulle and barely used any paint, so it was a pretty budget-friendly project. Cost totaled out to about $10.

To start, I cut strips of each color all at the same length. I didn't measure but it looked to be about 15 inches long. Next I simply tied the tulle onto the foam wreath and knotted it tight. 

 Since I had three colors to work with I kept with the same pattern all the way around the wreath. I thought it would take forever, but it honestly took me less than an hour and a half. And that's including the time it took to paint my cross and let it dry.

You might notice that the cross has some glitter on it, and that was not from the paint! SO much glitter came off of the tulle while I was tying it that I just sprinkled some of the excess onto the cross and wooden letter while it dried! I like it a lot better with the glitter, it kind of ties everything all together. 

Not only will this be an adorable decoration for Kennedy's dedication party but it will make a very cute wreath for her nursery as well!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I'll be attempting to keep myself together emotionally as I head back to work for the first time since Kennedy's arrival! Wish me luck!
With Love,
Meghan XoXo

Monday, March 3, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Mantel Decor

Hard to believe I am already half-way through my maternity leave! Most days I'm lucky to even put my contacts in but baby girl is finally getting on a decent schedule which has left me with some much needed free time! I figured since it's already March that today was probably a good day to take down my Valentine's Day decor which has left the mantel very sad and empty. However lucky for me I'm Irish which gives me even more of an excuse to decorate for St. Patrick's Day!

DIY Scrabble Decor
To create this simple DIY decor, all I did was take a framed canvas painting that I purchased at the Goodwill and covered it with some left-over burlap. Next I went through my jar of scrabble letters, yes, I had a jar, and created some St. Patrick's Day words in a scrabble game pattern. Once I had the pattern I wanted, I hot-clued the letters onto the burlap. Last but not least, I added a glitter foam shamrock that I bought in a pack from the Dollar Tree!

DIY Dollar Store Vase
I don't usually go to the Dollar Store for decor inspiration but when I saw these glittery green carnations I knew I had to incorporate them into my decor somehow! This vase couldn't have been easier to make! I took a medium sized mason jar and one of my glitter foam shamrocks from the pack I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I didn't glue the shamrock to the jar, I simply used some green leather "string" that I found at Hobby Lobby and wrapped the leather around the jar tightly enough to secure the shamrock. Then I used my wire cutter to cut the flowers down to the size I wanted and placed them inside! 

Rainbow Gumball Apothecary Jar
After purchasing about 10 bags of gumballs from the Dollar Tree to create my Valentine's Day decor I ended up with a bag full of multi-colored balls. So I simply put them in an apothecary jar by color, creating a rainbow pattern. It took less than 5 minutes and gives a nice pop of color to the mantel!

Thrifted Decor
I found this book at the Goodwill last summer for $1 and knew it would make for some unique mantel decor come March. Then back in January, I found this green mercury glass jar, again at the Goodwill, for only $5! It was originally from Homegoods and still had the tag on it for $14.99! Not only does it work for St. Patrick's Day, but it would also work if I decided to ever do a Mardi Gras theme!

Hobby Lobby Burlap Banner
I'm sure this banner would have been a pretty simple DIY project but at only $4.99, it was well worth it! When I spotted this at Hobby Lobby I assumed it was only the pennant pieces since it looked like it came unattached. To my surprise it was already pre-strung, but the string was a little uneven and not very sturdy. I decided to take it apart and used some jute twine that I already had to hot glue the banner together. It was quick, easy and very cute!

Putting It All Together

With Irish Love,
Meghan XoXo