Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Craigslist Dining Hutch Makeover

I normally tend to only purchase things off of Craigslist that are under $25 a piece.
 But then. I saw. This.

The "Before" Picture

I was actually living in Michigan at the time and saw it on a Florida Craigslist page. Since we were in the process of moving back (LONG story), I had started to check out items in Florida, just in case something caught my eye. The hutch was selling for $50 and happened to be located right around the block from where my mother-in-law lives. She agreed to take a look at it for me and bought it for us as a “welcome home” gift. For the next six months I went back and forth on how I would paint it. I have repined SO many hutches on Pinterest and wanted something really unique. Finally I decided on the perfect color combination and got to work.

The hutch is actually made of two separate parts, the top and bottom. I started by cleaning each piece with a half water/half white vinegar mix. Then I removed all the hardware. I couldn’t remove the cabinet doors because they had been painted so many times that the layers of paint on the hardware was making it impossible for me to remove the hinges. Next I sanded the entire thing, starting with the top of the bottom half. Before long, the paint literally began to just peel right off, which made my job a lot easier! 

Literally peeling the old paint off!

Once I had a smooth surface, I wiped it down again to remove any dust from sanding and then I started painting. I used a small can of Behr flat interior paint in a Martha Stewart color called “Magnetite”. I measured out one cup and added two tablespoons of dry non-sanded tile grout to create my own chalk board paint. I really love the finish that this type of paint gives, it’s very matte like and different.  I did one coat on each piece and let it dry completely.

The hutch all put together is very tall. Originally I had thought about cutting the legs to make it a little shorter, but since I tend to never cut things straight, I decided it would be better to figure out a way to utilize the empty space. I measured the area underneath from leg to leg, measuring both the length and width.  The length between each leg was 45 ½ inches long, but I knew I would need to give myself just a little bit of wiggle room, so I wrote down 45 ¼. I decided to attach the shelf with small “L” brackets, and while they are not very thick, I was worried that if I didn’t leave a small space that there wouldn’t be any room once the brackets were all in place. With my measurements in hand, I swung over to Home Depot and picked up a small piece of wood in their lumber department. And let me just say, I don’t think I’ve ever been so out of my element than I was in the lumber department! Eventually I found the cutting area where they will cut the wood for free and I was all set!

My fresh cut piece of wood.

1st coat.

I did a second and final coat on the hutch, and then sanded and painted my piece of wood. I only needed to do two coats on the shelf piece as well. The next day, I taped off the inside of the shelves on the top piece and painted them light blue. I used the same paint as I did on my Craigslist Bar Stools but I didn’t add any grouting. I chose to do the backing of the shelves in a different color that would make all of the items I wanted to display really "pop". I also painted over 4 of the knobs to incorporate the blue color on the bottom of the hutch. Once they were dry I gave them a good sanding for a cute “vintage” look.

Attaching the "L" Brackets.

With everything dry, I attached the “L” brackets onto each leg, making sure to measure where I placed the first one so each bracket after would be on the same level. Then I put on the shelf! I was so relieved that it actually fit! It really completes the whole piece! Next I sanded and waxed the entire hutch before putting on my knobs with the Annie Sloan clear furniture wax. I put up a great video on how to use the wax on my Turquoise Chair post. I replaced the original hardware on the cabinets with some cute rhinestone drawer pulls that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for half-off, making them only $3 a piece!

Here's the (amazing) after photos!

Supplies Used:
1 can of Behr flat paint in Martha Stewart's "Magnetite" color
1 can of Behr flat paint in Martha Stewart's "Sunken Pool" color
Non-sanded dry white tile grout
Measuring cups and spoons (that you don't mind getting paint on)
1 can of Annie Sloan clear furniture wax
1 clean rag for waxing
Fine sandpaper
Painters tape
1 large paint brush
1 small paint brush
1 package of "L brackets"
1 piece of wood, cut to measurements needed
2 decorative knobs from Hobby Lobby

With Love,
Meghan XoXo


  1. Love this makeover! The blue is bright & fresh. I'm so excited to see your ASCP Wax tutorial. I have my first purchase of paint & wax, but the wax makes me nervous to start!
    - Lora

  2. Thank you so much Lora! The wax is pretty simple to use and it makes SUCH a difference in the look and feel of the furniture. Good luck!