Monday, June 3, 2013

A $9 Butcher Block Baking Station

I have a confession to make. A few months back,  I cheated on the Goodwill. I couldn't help myself! When I ventured into the local Habitat For Humanity store, there was just no turning back. This lovely yellow butcher block cart was calling my name. And with a price of only $24.99, it was about to come home with me. But it doesn't end there. You see, on this particular day, the store was having a 50% off sale. Now my cart was only $12.50. Oh but wait, there's still more! It happened to be the weekend before Easter, so they were doing an extra special promotion. I got to pick a plastic Easter egg out of a basket and whatever dollar amount was inside, was how much more I was going to get off of my purchase! My dollar amount chosen was $4, making my total purchase after taxes, a little over $9. Hello butcher block!

Since my kitchen decor, along with the rest of my house, is mostly accented by the color turquoise, there was just no way the all-yellow was going to work. To start, I sanded the entire top because I knew it was wood underneath. This went surprisingly fast since there was only a thin layer of paint on the top. Next, I did a few coats of paint with what I had left of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the "Provence" color on the rest of the cart. Once dry, I sanded all of the edges and really roughed up the whole piece allowing that yellow to come through. Then I waxed it heavily with the Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Once it was totally finished, I took one look at it, and I hated it. The wax was too heavy and uneven. "Another piece of turquoise furniture?" I said to myself disgustingly. It immediately went on shoved it to the back of the garage. I just wanted it out of my sight.

Now, fast forward to last month when we moved into our new house. While our living area is quite large, the kitchen is definitely lacking. There's just not enough storage space or decorative space for that matter. Now, my butcher block cart was starting to look a little better... I realized that it would be a perfect fit for a small area of wall right outside of the kitchen. I have a nice little collection of baking items that I've always wanted to display, and they were supposed to find a home on my new painted dining hutch, but of course I was finding other items to fill up that space. I gathered all of my baking items worthy of a shelf display and ta da! Now I have a cute and functional baking station!

 Other than the two white muffin pans which were purchased at the Goodwill, the rest of the baking dishes were found during various trips to Homegoods and TJ Maxx. The little white pie bird was bought at The Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago for only a couple of dollars.

 Does the menu board look familiar? Well that's because it's from my wedding

 Can you believe the green berry wreath was only $3 at the Goodwill?
 It's the perfect pop of color for this space.

I love these chalkboard spice jars from Anthropologie. I know I could have made them myself but a girl has to splurge every once and a while!

With Love,
Meghan XoXo

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  1. I love this. I hope I can find something similar. I am trying to design a baking station for myself. The kitchen counter is just not working. I want to organize all my baking stuff into one easy spot. I love turquoise. If my husband would allow it I would do exactly what you did only slightly larger.