Sunday, June 2, 2013

DIY Kitchen Tablet Holder

Today is a great day for my laptop. And my phone...

You see, ever since I discovered this magical website called Pinterest, I have been neglecting my cookbooks in favor of the yummy recipes I've been pinning instead. The only problem with this, is that there are far too many recipes to print onto paper, which leaves me trying to find space for my laptop or phone on the counter without spilling any food on it. It's harder than you'd think really...

So imagine how bright the light bulb in my head went off when I found a DIY tablet holder from Mamie Janes Blog. It's so genius I'm not surprised I didn't come up with it myself! And while I may not own an iPad, I do own a Kindle Fire that has a  Pinterest app. So now it was time to start searching for all the pieces I needed to create my own tablet holder.

It took me a handful of trips to the Goodwill to find an old cutting board, a scrabble game, and a set of children's building blocks. The cutting board was only $1.99, the scrabble game was $3, and the blocks were $5. I know I will have other projects that will use the extra scrabble pieces and blocks, so we're gonna say my total cost for this project was about $5. I already had wood glue and spray paint.

To get started I glued the scrabble tile holder to the side of the cutting board I wanted to use. There was an outlining on the front of the board so I used the back since I planned on painting it anyways. I wanted to use clamps to keep the tile holder in place but it only made the holder slide out of place due to the wet glue. Instead, I held the tile holder down firmly in the position I wanted it in for one minute. Then I left it to dry for about an hour.

When the tile holder was set into place, I flipped the board over and let the bottom hang off the table. This way there wouldn't be any weight onto the tile holder, which could make it pop off. I glued the block onto the back of the board putting pressure on it for one minute and then let it dry for an hour just like the front side. Once the block's glue was dry I sanded around the edges where the glue had seeped out on both the front and back of the board. Next it was time for paint!

I did one coat of paint using my spray gun attachment and a can of Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint. I have a lot of turquoise in my kitchen so I thought the lighter shade of blue would be a nice contrast. When the paint was completely dry, I sanded the edges of the holder to give it a rustic look.

No more flour on the keyboard! Until next time!

With Love,
Meghan XoXo

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  1. Love this project and have all the pieces except the block...where did you find them?