Sunday, September 15, 2013

Revealing Baby Mayer...

Today was a big day... it was our Gender Reveal Party! Since I've been craving ice cream sundaes since day one of this pregnancy, I thought an ice cream social party was only appropriate!

The Invitations
I ordered the invitations from Etsy.Com and printed them out myself onto white card stock paper. I added the little gem as something extra. They were left over from our wedding invitations!

The Toppings Bar
We had TONS of yummy ice cream toppings on hand to create any kind of sundae you could dream of! I have a nice collection of mason jars, so I thought it would be cute to use them for the toppings. My mother-in-law created the toppings signs using black paper, chalk, a large decorative paper puncher, wooden skewers, and tape. We also had hot fudge and caramel that we kept warm using small crock-pots. We served chocolate and vanilla ice cream in their containers but placed them in a large metal tub full of ice to keep them cold.

Whipped Cream Labels
Since my mother-in-law is a paper crafting genius, I knew she could create these adorable whipped cream covers easily. They turned out better than I had expected and they were a cute addition to our toppings bar.

The Drink Station
We purchased these drink dispensers at Walmart for $20 a piece. My parent's tend to host quite a few parties during the year so these will definitely be used again and again. I bought pink lips and blue mustache decal stickers from my friend on Etsy.Com. Then I stuck them onto clear drink cups for a cute twist! (Sorry I don't have a better picture!) I got the paper straws from Hobby Lobby and my mom already had the cute chalkboard stickers on her cupboards. I thought the ultrasound pictures were a cute decoration since I hadn't put any of them on Facebook. 

Streamer "Curtains"
My parent's have this great doorway to their kitchen, so I wanted to decorate it since this was the main entrance to the ice cream! I taped pieces of pink and blue streams going all the way down, and then pulled them to each side to create a "curtain" look. Then to hide all the hideous tape we made huge "dots" out of pink and blue card stock paper. I purchased the pink and blue tissue poms from Hobby Lobby. Each pack was $5 and came with three different sizes of tissue poms in either blue or pink, so I ordered a pack in each color.

DIY Party Pins
I saw these adorable mustache and lip pins on Etsy and fell in love! But I just couldn't justify spending $20 for felt pins that I could easily make myself! So my sister and I had a little craft night before the party! I only needed 2 sheets of felt for each color, which cost 25 cents a piece. We just traced the pattern we wanted by hand and cut out the felt. Then we hot glued them to pin backings we got in the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby. We invited 25 people so we made 20 pins of each just to be on the safe side. And yes, my mother already owned this adorable little butler!

Table Decorations
I had leftover "dots" from the streamer curtain and used them to help hide the tape from merging my two plastic table cloths on the dining room table since they don't make cloths that are pink AND blue.

Cravings Board
This was a last-minute idea which explains my awful penmanship, but I thought it would be fun to show what we'd both been craving and see if they could guess the sex from that...

The Big Reveal!
There are SO many ways you can reveal the gender at a party, and we definitely toyed with all different ideas. In the end we chose my mom's idea, which were these cute mini-baby bottle "fortunes". Each bottle contained a little plastic baby, confetti, and a cute saying or quote about babies. Only one bottle had the baby's gender. So without further ado...

The "Winning" Fortune. It's a GIRL!!!

We are so blessed to be having a baby girl! Kennedy Grace Mayer! Coming soon!

With Love,
Meghan XoXo


  1. Yay! Such a great and creative idea.

  2. What were your drink recipes? Doing a reveal for my sis next month. Thanks!

    1. Hi Janine! We bought the drinks in bottles from Walmart! The lemonade was strawberry lemonade and the blue drink was a Hawaiian blue punch. They were both surprisingly delicious!

  3. Hi Meghan, Love all of your ideas! I'm planning a reveal for my daughter next month and was wondering where you mom found the cute little baby bottles? I LOVE her idea! Congrats to you all :) Victoria