Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dedication DIY's

Baby Kennedy's dedication is coming up and I couldn't be anymore excited! After the ceremony at the church we are having all of our family and friends over for a little "after party" and this will be the first party at our house! So that's TWO pretty big things to be excited for! :) So far the planning is coming together quite nicely so I thought I'd share some of my party projects today!

Personalized Invitation
I ordered the invitations for the party from Shutterfly and matched the party theme to the pink and gray invites. I'm a huge fan of Shutterfly, and even though an invitation is a little more costly than if you purchased a pack from the store, it's so worth it for such a memorable occasion. Plus they always have great coupons and sales, so it's not totally breaking the bank! All I had to do was upload my pictures and information. I made my husband write the Psalm verse on my belly while I was pregnant with black eyeliner! Then the two pictures of Kennedy I took myself. Do you have any idea how hard it was to write on the bottom of her foot without her moving!

DIY Tutu Wreath Decor

Our home has what you would call an "open floor plan", which works really well for parties because everything is in the same room! I've decided to setup the room in "stations", making one area for the drinks, one for desserts, etc. In our kitchen we have a small baker's cart that will be the perfect place to display the cake. On the wall directly behind it is a green wreath, shown here. Since the theme of the party is pink and gray, green is just NOT going to work! So I decided to create a fun tutu wreath to put up instead. 

I purchased all my supplies from Hobby Lobby except for the pink craft paint that I already had. I only used half of each spool of tulle and barely used any paint, so it was a pretty budget-friendly project. Cost totaled out to about $10.

To start, I cut strips of each color all at the same length. I didn't measure but it looked to be about 15 inches long. Next I simply tied the tulle onto the foam wreath and knotted it tight. 

 Since I had three colors to work with I kept with the same pattern all the way around the wreath. I thought it would take forever, but it honestly took me less than an hour and a half. And that's including the time it took to paint my cross and let it dry.

You might notice that the cross has some glitter on it, and that was not from the paint! SO much glitter came off of the tulle while I was tying it that I just sprinkled some of the excess onto the cross and wooden letter while it dried! I like it a lot better with the glitter, it kind of ties everything all together. 

Not only will this be an adorable decoration for Kennedy's dedication party but it will make a very cute wreath for her nursery as well!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I'll be attempting to keep myself together emotionally as I head back to work for the first time since Kennedy's arrival! Wish me luck!
With Love,
Meghan XoXo

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